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Adedokun Zachariah: Plumbing and Pipe Fittings – GTC Ikorodu

My senior brother studied plumbing at the Government Technical College, Ikotun. He asked me for my plans after I finished my senior secondary education and when I did not have any concrete plan for my life, he convinced me to enrol at the Government Technical College. I decided to attend the college in Ikorodu since he had gone to Ikotun, but I chose to follow his footsteps in learning to plumb.

Learning from a technical college is way different from learning from a roadside plumber. We’ve been exposed to the usage of welding touch, oxygen-acetylene and PPR. Although I am still in Tech III, I have learnt so much that I have been able to secure well-paying plumbing jobs on my own. I even engage some of my course mates to work with me when the work is big. I can say this is due to the type of experience the school has given me and the type of relationship I have with my schoolmaster. I am grateful that I heeded my brother’s advice because there was no means to further my education and I am not sure how I would have turned out.