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Admission Requirements

Admission into the Colleges is conducted by the National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB). Candidates into the 3 year Course must be holders of any of the following qualifications:

  1. Junior Secondary School Certificate (JSS) Passes (Minimum)
  2. S.75 Certificate
  4. Grade II Teacher Certificate and its equivalent



There are two main internal examinations to be taken by the students of the colleges

PROMOTION EXAMINATION: This comprises of 1st term, 2nd term and 3rd term examinations. The final score for each terminal examination is based on 40% course work 60% examination and 70% attendance, while promotion to the next class is based on a cummulation of all the terminal examinations. The average of which will determine the final score. A student must obtain a minimum of 50% in each of the core (Trade) subjects and a minimum of 40% in each of the General Education subjects. In addition every Year II

 FEDERAL CRAFT TRAINING CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION: This examination which is taken at the completion of three year training course distinguishes technical college students from others. It leads to the award of Federal Craft Training Certificate which certifies that a trainee passed through the formal technical school setting for his/her technical training.

Any student who fails not more than 3 Subjects is allowed to resit the referred subjects in an Examination within 3 months after the release of the result. The highest grade to be awarded to any resit paper shall be grade C. Any student who fail more than 3 Subjects will have to repeat the whole examination in the following academic year.



Students are expected to participate in TC/NBC Examination after completion of a three-year course in their different trades. National Technical Certificate (NTC) and National Business Certificate (NBC) are conducted by National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB).

  1. Only year III students are allowed to register for this examination
  2. Students must have at least 70% attendance in each subject before he/she is allowed to register for the examination


All Final Year students are allowed to sit for the Grade III and II Test in their trade Areas. It is a competency certificate of the Federal Ministry of Labour and leads to the award of Trade Test Grade II & I for students of Technical Colleges.

The Certificate is awarded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity as Certificate of Competence, creating an ample opportunity for a holder of the Certificate to secure gainful employment in any part of the country.


As from 2nd year, the Technical Two Students are eligible to start sitting for the Trade Tests conducted by the Lagos State Examination Board.


All year two students are expected to participate in at least 3 months of Industrial Training. Student Industrial Work Experience, Failure which such student will not allow promotion to Year III.

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