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Ahoton Friday- GTC Adosoba

As a young boy, I would fix everything that got spoilt in our house and from there, I developed a passion for electrical and electronic repairs. I enrolled as an apprentice and I worked with some expatriates at Mar and Mor, Ikoyi on the Templeton Towers, Bourdillon avenue. I decided to pursue a career in engineering and I enrolled at GTC Ado Soba.

During my I.T, I worked with Afro Media on both domestic and industrial electrical installations. Now that the pandemic is here, I am assisting my father who is also an engineer on a construction site. Although I am not yet through with my education, I am no longer totally dependent on my parents and I can contribute in my little way to my family’s domestic expenses. My desire is to further my technical education at a university or polytechnic and after that, I will start my own business.