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Capacity Training Programme

There had been frequent reports of mishap in various works of life in the State as a result of human errors due to artisans not having in-depth knowledge of prescribed standards in their various trades. Artisans are over 90% of workforce in factories, constructions sites, workshops, saloon etc. in the State.

Lagos State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Industry is in partnership with Lagos State Technical and Vocational Board (LASTVEB)to run this capacity building programmes for practicing artisans.

LASTVEB is charged among other responsibilities, to prescribe standard skills to be attained and continues to review such standards as may be necessitated by current technological trends and the peculiar needs of the State in all trades.

To actualize the mandate of the visionary government in providing high-quality world-class technical skills to the large pool of Artisans/Craftsmen and skilled workforce in the informal sector of the State.

The Skill competence programme is for one hundred and twenty hours (120hrs)

The training runs concurrently in the five (5) Government Technical Colleges.

The Course

The programme is centered on skill improvement to reform the participants and to produce occupational standards and skills acceptable worldwide for practitioners in various trades.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into:

(a) Empowerment Modular

(b) Trade (Profession) Area

(a)  EMPOWERMENT MODULAR: The courses are as follows:

The courses are as follows:

  1. Health and safety (occupational health and safety)
  2. Functional communication (English)
  3. Functional Numeracy (Mathematics)
  4. Information/Communication Technology (ICT)
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Ethics of Profession (OMOLUABI)
  7. Customer Services
  8. Design Standard
  9. Business Plan
  10. Project

(b)   TRADES

All trades subject curriculum is the modular course syllabus of the National Board for Tech Technical Education (NBTE) which is used for the National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) for modular course exams and certificates.

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